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Tapas with a tartan twist in Midlothian

Nestled at the foot of the Pentland Hills at the Midlothian Innovation Centre, awaits a very Spanish surprise. The first indication of what lies ahead, is a small, rustic wooden sign in Seville orange (a recurrent colour theme) simply stating “tapas”. Following the sign, you will soon come across the burst of sunshine that is Manda Huevos.

When Pablo and Diletta, the team behind Manda Huevos, launched their business back in 2020, they were initially planning to focus on the outside catering market. However, when the local work crowd started to make enquiries, lured by the tempting aroma of their freshly cooked tapas, they branched out to serving their traditional tortilla and croquettes to a fast growing, loyal and enthusiastic customer base.

It is very clear to see that at the heart of everything is Pablo’s passion to use local produce and to support local suppliers. Take for example the ‘tortilla de patata’, which is made from two basic ingredients, eggs and potatoes. The free range eggs are sourced from a Midlothian farm and the potatoes harvested in East Lothian. Brown’s family butchers based in Loanhead also supply meats. The importance of the relationship with local farmers and suppliers and eating in a sustainable way is evident to see.

The tapas and tortilla are authentically Spanish but with a decidedly Scottish slant. Particularly popular are the Escocesa tortilla (potatoes, eggs and locally sourced haggis) and the Brenda tortilla (she knows who she is) which is made with the addition of onions and Scottish cheddar cheese.

Other standout menu items are the tapas remembered from Pablo’s childhood in Galicia in Spain, such as the Huevo Encapotado which is a freshly made croquette stuffed with a fried egg and fried to a beautiful golden brown, topped with smoky chorizo. It is an absolute delight. The Empanada Galega is also outstanding. This is a two crusted savoury pie which is just bursting with flavour and available with meat, fish or vegetables. If you haven’t tried the hand cut, freshly cooked crisps made from the locally harvested East Lothian potatoes you haven’t lived, especially if you get there at the right time and they are still hot.

Manda Huevos are currently serving up their amazing tapas Monday to Friday from 11.30am to 1.30pm and have a variety of lunch deals to suit all budgets and tastes. Los ninos are well catered for too with their own lunch boxes packed with freshly made croquettes, tortilla and the fabulous hand cut crisps. Plans are also afoot to open on Friday evenings during the winter months. So while our Scottish summer is coming to an end and the nights are drawing in, you can still enjoy a slice of Spanish sunshine and be sure of the warmest of welcomes from the Manda Huevos team.

This article was written by Angela Muir and published on

Midlothian View on September 1st 2022

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