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Tapas Tales: Celebrating Local Produce in Every Bite

Welcome to our blog, where we take pride in presenting the heart and soul of our tapas business. At Manda Huevos, we are committed to using locally sourced produce to create our menu. Join us as we delve into the importance of local produce and how it enhances the flavors, sustainability, and community connection of our tapas dishes.


When you indulge in our tapas, you are not only savoring the flavors but also experiencing the essence of the land.

The delicious free-range eggs, that we use in most of our dishes, come from Smeaton farm in Dalkeith, Midlothian. The farm boasts spacious outdoor areas where the hens roam freely, enjoying the pastures and fresh air. This freedom of movement not only ensures the happiness and well-being of the hens but also contributes to the superior taste and nutritional value of the eggs they produce.

You can actually taste the difference: the rich, big, and vibrant orange yolks play a crucial role in the flavour of our popular Spanish tortillas. Our chef Pablo can always predict the taste of our tortillas simply by examining the eggs as he scrambles them!

The potatoes we use, essential for the creation of our Tortillas, are harvested in East Lothian and obtained from Denholm Potatoes farm in Pencaitland. This farm has been a prominent player in the agricultural sector for many years. They specialise in growing potatoes, with a focus on producing high-quality locally-sourced varieties.

The farm follows sustainable farming practices and crop rotation techniques to maintain soil health and minimise environmental impact. The potatoes we use at Manda Huevos are extremely tasty, never from frozen and preserved in optimal conditions, avoiding the involvement of warehouses and wholesalers. Preserving the potatoes at the farm allows for better control over storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity, which are crucial factors in maintaining the freshness and flavour of the produce. This direct-to-consumer approach also allows a closer relationship between the farm and yourselves, the customers (or tapas lovers)! This is the secret that contributes to the incredible success of our chips and Spanish tortillas here at Manda Huevos!

The milk we use for the creation of our popular croquettes, Huevo Encapotado, Leche Frita and more, comes from Mossgiel Organic Farm, located in East Ayrshire.

Once again, this farm is committed to producing high-quality organic milk and environmentally friendly practices. Mossgiel farm is well known for its happy and healthy cows, who eat exclusively grass and herbs. Their organic milk is non-homogenised, so not highly processed. This way, it keeps its goodness and the cream rises at the top (what an experience each time you open a bottle!) Mossgiel milk also maintains its proteins and organic flavour as it is pasteurised in batches and heated at a lower temperature for longer time.

Stay tuned for upcoming collaborations with other Scottish farms in the future!


Using local produce ensures that our tapas are bursting with freshness and quality. By sourcing ingredients from nearby farms and producers, we significantly reduce the time it takes for the food to reach our kitchen.

Choosing local produce also means supporting the local economy and fostering a sense of community. By partnering with nearby farms, we contribute to the growth and sustainability of small-scale agricultural businesses. This not only helps to preserve traditional farming practices but also ensures that the local community thrives.

When you eat our tapas, you become a part of this cycle, knowing that you directly support local farmers and producers. This way, we establish a direct connection between the food on your plate and its origin, and this allows us to have a deeper understanding of the ingredients we work with, their seasonality, and the people who grow them.

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