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Manda Huevos was founded in late 2020 by co-founder Pablo, who hails from Galicia, Spain. During the summer he traveled to northern Italy where he cooked Spanish tortillas using fresh seasonal ingredients. His delicious creations received rave reviews from the locals, which inspired him to launch Manda Huevos once back in Scotland and share his love of Spanish cuisine.

At Manda Huevos, our passion and appreciation for Spanish tortillas have been with us for a lifetime. We believe that Edinburgh and the Lothians have always been open to global influences, and that is why we are thrilled and confident to share our love of tapas and Spanish food culture with the community.




Have you ever paused to consider the origin of the food you are about to buy? How many miles has it traveled from its place of production to your plate? Making the choice to purchase and consume locally sourced food is crucial. By understanding the source of your food, you can also determine the length of time it spent in transit and how it was produced. At Manda Huevos we prioritize using locally sourced Scottish products to create our menu.

We serve our Spanish Tortillas with free range eggs from a farm in Midlothian and with potatoes harvested in East Lothian. Transparency is at the core of everything we do, and our primary goal is to educate people on the joy and significance of sustainable eating practices.

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