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These Tapas are perfect as an addition to your order. 



4 croquetas per portion.

Flavors choices are:

  • Mature cheese;

  • Cheese & chorizo;

  • Kimchi hot sauce & cheese;

  • Haggis & spicy chorizo.

Our croquettes are made with Scottish organic Mossgiel milk.


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Hot Tomato


This is a hot salsa made with tomatoes and Habanero chili. We cook it for hours but the result is worth the wait. Approx. 60 gr each.


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Garlicky jar

Our garlicky salsa jar is approx. 180 ml. Authentic and freshly made for your order!



Crispy box

The crispy box contains approx. 200 gr of homemade crisps. Our potatoes are harvested in East Lothian, hand cut and fried in our kitchen.


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This is a delicious thick salsa with a predominant taste of garlic: its spiciness is given by the garlic itself. The garlic we use is harvested in Elphistone, East Lothian. Approx. 60 gr each.


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5 Galician pies.

The base contains paprika. Choose between meat, tuna or vegetarian filling. 



Hot tomato Jar

Here we have our Hot tomato salsa in a jar. Approx. 180ml. No additive or conservatives! Authentic and freshly made for your order. 


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