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We offer lunch service from our window Monday to Friday 11.30-13.30.

We are also open every Saturday 11.00 - 14.00 until the end of August.

No need to pre-order from the menu below.

Collect your tapas by coming up to our window or order on Just Eat for local delivery.

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Using only fresh ingredients, our food is always made from scratch. Subject to availability.

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Box deal     £12

Hand cut crisps, 2 slices of tortilla of your choice, 2 croquettes, salsa. (contains eggs, milk, gluten)


BocaDos    £5

2 slices of bread topped with fresh local ingredients cooked in our kitchen. 

Ask staff for options. (contains gluten)

dirty croquetas.JPG

Dirty croquetas    £6

Four croquettes topped with haggis, Spanish chorizo, and cheese. Choose your flavours.

(contains eggs, milk, gluten)


Bag deal    £7

Hand cut crisps or chips, 1 slice of tortilla of your choice, slice of bread, salsa.

(contains eggs, milk, gluten)


Croquettes    £4

Portion of 4 croquettes. Choose mix flavours, haggis and spicy chorizo, cheese and chorizo, mature cheese, kimchi hot sauce and cheese.

(contains eggs, milk, gluten)


Huevo encapotado from £8

Large croquette stuffed with a free range fried egg. Served with chips and salsa. Flavours:

- Cheese £8

- Kimchi & cheese £9

- Haggis & spicy chorizo £10

(Add chorizo topping for an extra £1)

(contains eggs, milk, gluten)


Crispy box    £5

Approx. 200gr of hand cut crisps, harvested in East Lothian, fried in olive oil.


Albondigas/Meatballs    £8

Slow cooked Spanish meatballs, served with chips.(contains eggs, gluten, onions, garlic)

PePo jamon.JPG

PePo Ham/Jamon asado    £8

Jason asado. Four hours slow cooked roasted ham. Served in a panino roll.

(contains gluten. Sauce contains onions)

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Pinchos      £5

One slice of Spanish tortilla of your choice and 2 croquettes. (VG available)

(contains eggs, milk, gluten)

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Garlicky salsa jar    £7

A jar of our delicious garlicky salsa. Made from scratch daily, using fresh garlic cloves harvested in East Lothian and olive oil.

Approx. 180ml.

(contains eggs)

loaded chips.JPG

Loaded chips    £7

Approx. 350gr of chips topped with Spanish chorizo, Hornig Haggis and Cheddar cheese.

(contains milk, gluten)


PePo beef                    £7

Braised beef panini. Locally sourced beef cooked for four hours, served in a panino roll.

- With Kimchi hot sauce    £8

- With mature cheese        £8

- With both Kimchi and cheese £9

(contains gluten. Added options contain milk, gluten, soy)

empanadillas 2.JPG

Empanadillas    £5

2 Galician pies. Choose between our meaty, tuna or vegetarian filling. Flavours subject to availability.

(contains eggs, milk, gluten)


Cachopo                     £14

One unit. Ham and cheese placed between two thin beef fillets. All coated with bread crumbs and fried up. Served with chips.

(contains eggs, milk, gluten)


Hot Tomato jar      £5

A jar of our popular slow cooked hot salsa. Approx. 180ml.

santiago cake.JPG

Santiago cake    £3

Galician almond cake. One slice.

(contains eggs)


Burnt cheesecake    £4

A slice of our creamy Basque Burnt cheesecake.

(contains eggs, milk)

Photo from busso80.jpg

Leche Frita    £4

A portion of delicious Leche frita (Fried Milk). Approx 5 bites per portion.

(contains eggs, milk)


Free range eggs    £3

(x6 eggs). Free range eggs from Smeaton farm (Dalkeith), available for sale at our window.

In addition we offer soft drinks by Bon Accord, based in Edinburgh.


Manda huevos

Experience the perfect pairing of Tapas and coffee with us.

cafe • coffee  cafe • coffee  cafe • coffee  cafe • coffee  cafe • coffee • cafe • coffee cafe • coffee


We've partnered with Henry's Coffee Company from Falkirk!

Their beans are roasted in Dundee, and they use eco-friendly packaging. Their coffee is simply amazing.

Our choice of blend is the Henry's Cat Pyjamas, which is slowly roasted to produce a deep complex taste with a hint of chocolate.

Magic happens when we pair this coffee with the organic milk from Mossgiel farm!

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